When I heard about the protocol for collaboration between Muntenia Conference and Herghelia Lifestyle Center, I was extremely happy, because that implied that all our pastors along with their wives would come to a session in Herghelia for free. For 11 days, they would have the chance not only to learn but also to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Because of this arrangement, I also spent a session in Herghelia together with my wife and our son Levi.

Beautiful Tudorie Family

Beautiful Tudorie Family

‘‘Almost every day of the session, I experienced the joy of sharing Christ with my colleagues -different guests present here at that time. I was amazed to witness their openness to God! I could see that the context created here – what people experience here day by day, builds in them the desire to get closer to God. I believe that this center is indeed a beam of light – a place where people find not only physical relief for their sufferings and pain but a chance to meet God and start a new life altogether.’’


At the welcome party of our session, I mentioned the fact that being in Herghelia is a job assignment for me, to learn more and be able to promote a healthy lifestyle among the people I meet.

I had heard about this center since its existence, but I only saw it in pictures. We have  Herghelia’s recipe books at home, but of course, hands-on experience is always different, and better than just hearing or reading about something.

We spent a special time in Herghelia, during which we could witness and reaffirm the value of a healthy lifestyle, the knowledge of which we were so richly blessed so long ago, through the inspiring writings of E. G. White and also the vast literature on this subject that our church made it available for us, all these years.

We were welcomed here with warmth and courtesy. All the staff is very friendly, faithful and dedicated to doing their best in every department. We were so touched to witness the spiritual atmosphere and see their happy and grateful faces. We noticed that this wave of happiness, faith and optimism coming from the workers was contagious. Soon, it pervaded the relationships among the guests too. Although the group was very diverse as far as their religious affiliations, we had many blessed interactions and occasions on which we could connect on a deep spiritual level. I remember, especially, one particular occasion a Friday evening when the service in the chapel was over. Many non-SDA patients had attended. We returned to the main building at the Center and we all gathered together in the lecture room, around the piano there. We began to sing songs from our hymnal. Soon, many other guests came in, until the room was full. Practically almost all the guests in the session were there with us. After singing for a while, somebody suggested that we should pray. What followed was truly a prayer session that offered to everybody who wanted to pray, an opportunity to do so. The atmosphere in that room was uplifting – we could feel the presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit was surely there, uniting us in worship. I think that the clear, strong impression of God’s presence in this place, we felt as soon as we stepped in, on the first day in Herghelia, remained with us till the end of the session.

We left Herghelia, like everybody else, with a strong desire to come back. But at the same time, energized to promote what we learned and experienced here, wherever we went. We are very thankful to God for this blessed place!

Daniel Tudorie – pastor, Muntenia Conference


Newsletter XVI Summary

Herghelia formally recognized as a choice training center by the GC Health Department and OCI.

In August 2023, in Herghelia took place the first 15-day immersion training on:“How to Start, Develop and Manage a Lifestyle Center”, attended by representatives of 6 new Lifestyle Center projects in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

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A beautiful story of a missionary minded family – Stan family, former workers in Herghelia.

Claudiu continues to find ways to meet the people’s needs wherever life takes him, to save as many as possible. He is very creative in his approach and has a special burden for children and youth.

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Viorica Moraru’s testimony convinces us that it’s never too late to learn to be a medical missionary.

A former Pentecostal believer, Viorica is an enthusiastic Adventist and promoter of a healthy lifestyle. She loves physical exercise and has a peculiar, happy/funny way of teaching it to the patients.

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Pastor Daniel Tudorie’s testimony about being a patient/guest in Herghelia.

“I was amazed to witness people’s openness to God! I could see that the context created here – what people experience here day by day, builds in them the desire to get closer to God.”

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Ovidiu – one of our nurses in Herghelia shares how a special bound between him and one of his patients freed the patient from prejudices about Adventists.

“We prayed together, we shared spiritual topics respecting each other’s views and in the last meeting together he couldn’t refrain from literally bursting into tears.”

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Eduard Jarnea – former director and teacher in our medical missionary school discovers a new passion.

“I am blessed to be an IT and programming teacher at the Dr.Lind K-12 School. Reflecting on my journey, I see how God’s guiding hand led me to this fulfilling path – a path I had never imagined for myself.”

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“Vasile Dan” Nursing School Report

Find out about recent events and activities in our nursing school.

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Herghelia provides a Sanitarium Prototype

Given the unprecedented interest in starting Sanitariums in Europe (and in the Western world, generally) as well as understandable interest in the rest of the developing world, Herghelia started working towards providing a functional model of a scalable, sustainable Sanitarium with four components.

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  • Medical Missionary Nursing School – Reframing the Medical Missionary Training Program $25,000

We are getting close to final accreditation and adding an English program.

  • Extension of the Lifestyle Center – $1,000,000

Right now we are working with an architect to fine tune
the architectural draft.

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