Dear “new lifestyle guest”, I want to address you a warm welcome on the site of Herghelia Life Style Center – Romania. It is a privilege for us and we fell honored for your choice to visit our page.

After you read all what we can offer you we would like to believe that you’ll not remain only as a guest of a “new lifestyle” program but you’ll become a host, enjoying more abundantly the blessings brought by a healthy diet, exercise, water, sun, temperance, fresh air, rest, love and the desire for good and health of our Creator.

Health is a state of being complete, physically, mentally and socially not only without disease or any infirmities. This profound definition of health was presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), and it is exactly what we want to obtain at Herghelia.

The quality of how we live our life has the greatest impact on our goals, happiness, and the ability to enjoy in a real and mature way the life given by our God. A person, who can enjoy physical health, balance, and mental health and has healthy relations with those around especially with the family, reached the highest fulfillment in life.

If there are many things which we don’t choose in life (when, where and how to be born) there are important things which only we can decide. These are our life style: what we eat, if we do exercise, how do we relate to drugs, how we rest etc.

As Christians we look at health not as to a purpose in itself but as a bridge towards an everlasting life, lived after the Divine pattern, Jesus Christ. The Christianity promoted by Him offers the solution to the contemporary estrangement drama. When He walked on this earth the gospel says that: “He went from place to place… preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.” Because the aspects of our being, physical, mental, spiritual and social are inseparable, we must address them together in a true recovery process. There should not be any separation because none of them is more important than the other.

Based on this vision and the World Health Organization’s vision the program from Herghelia was created to reach a modern approach to health and sickness, being able to help in all the changes desired by you. Those that come to Herghelia receive a positive experience and a “New Start” toward a global health.

“With a sincere desire to offer you services beyond your expectations we gladly wait for you” is the warm message from all the staff from Herghelia Life Style Center.

Dr. Dan Nicolae, MPH