The Life Style Center from Romania (CML)

CSMPR is a Christian organization which follows Jesus’ self sacrificing model of service for the suffering ones. The mission of CSMPR is to restore the image of God in man (physical, spiritual, mental and social) following Jesus’ example of healing and teaching; this includes the promotion of a new life style and education of how to prevent or to facilitate the reversion of our contemporary diseases, based on the present medical knowledge and the use of scientific physiological remedies


  • Which are the ones reached?
  • Which are the new objectives?
  • Which are the priority objectives?
  • To practice a medicine based on Promoting Health and Education for Health.
  • To offer medical care for the health guests as a whole human being (physical, mental and social), including ,as needed, counseling for spiritual and social problems.
  • To offer all the health guests high quality services, without expecting personal favors, and a continual improvement of the level of medical care.
  • To maintain financial integrity and assure continued development of the institution.
  • To develop educational programs for the health educators
  • To prove scientifically, through clinical research, the benefits of the Adventist lifestyle.
  • To improve and creatively develop the image of Pubic Health in Romania.
  • To offer services at an affordable cost, according to the services provided.
  • To create inter and intra institution relationships, which will facilitate the professional development of the personnel and encourage their personal growth.
  • To work with other institutions, persons, organizations, for promoting health in Romania.

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